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April 12, 2013

I imagine readers have their own version of what I call ‘eye candy’ – lighter books that they read when on holiday, ill or in need of a change. I’ve added PG Wodehouse‘s Blandings novels to my list, prompted largely by the recent BBC Television series which I really enjoyed.  They are trivial, silly and a lot of fun. The plots are very far-fetched and often full of holes, but the language is superb, with lots of hidden references to delight this reader.  And then, there is trying to work out in which real places the stories are set.

The stories are peculiarly British, as are the characters, and the era of the vague 1920s is effortlessly created. I think Uncle Fred is my favourite character, although on TV I really enjoyed Timothy Spall as Lord Emsworth. Thoroughly recommended as holiday reading.

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