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June 1, 2014

I’ve been writing this blog seriously for over a year now, though you will find posts going back several years. I’ve often wondered about my readers, and what they get from it. Some, I know, are ex-students of mine; others I’ve read about when you have linked from your blog to mine; others must stumble on me by accident, via a search engine.

Years ago, when I finally finished being a student, I used to review books for Foundation magazine, an academic SF journal published by the Science Fiction Foundation, but eventually let that drop when my life and interests moved on. But now I’m back here, reviewing books and reflecting on being a writer of sorts, which feels a bit strange after having taught people to write as a living for many years.

Why I’m writing this, is because I’ve noticed my approach changing: I used to sit down after I’d finished a book, and write about it. True, that’s what I still do, but recently I find myself thinking much more critically about the books, with a view to writing about them, making connections with other books, enhancing my own enjoyment, and shaping my future reading. In a way, my approach feels more deliberate, serious, committed. I get some, though not a lot of feedback; sometimes it feels odd, not knowing who will read my thoughts, or if indeed anyone will. But I’ll carry on for the moment…

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