About my blog: how to get the best from it

Since I began it over ten years ago, I’ve written over a thousand posts on a wide range of subjects, mainly about reading, literature and teaching. So there’s a lot of stuff on here.

You can use the search-box (it’s only small, on the left-hand side of the posts) and type in the name of an author, or a subject to see if I’ve written anything about it. Or you can use the tag cloud a bit lower down on the left-hand side, where there’s a huge cluster of tags: names, topics, genres and so on, and click on one of those. They’re arranged alphabetically. Either method should show you a list of (hopefully relevant) posts. Finally, underneath the list of tags is another list of categories, which you can also click to see if they throw up anything useful or relevant.

If you like what you find, you can sign up to my blog, which means you get an e-mail each time I publish something new, and then you can choose to read it or not… And if you like a particular post or find it helpful, there’s a like button at the end so you can tell me. I always enjoy readers’ comments, too.

I hope you find something worthwhile!

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