Balance-sheet of the First World War – 4

February 28, 2018


Men (these are figures from all the nations involved in the war)
10 million dead
19 million wounded
10 million mutilated (I think this refers to amputees)
7 million prisoners
9 million orphans
5 million widows
10 million refugees
74 million mobilised

(continuing the series of posts I introduced here)

3 Responses to “Balance-sheet of the First World War – 4”

  1. I don’t wish to Like this so shall comment instead. They should have been declared bankrupt at the first million.


    • litgaz Says:

      I struggle to believe, or to make any sense of, numbers like this. Having visited many of the places has made it even harder. There are times when I cannot believe we are an intelligent species.


      • Yes, I recall having that feeling when I visited Vietnam and encountered such a peaceful, quiet, hardworking people, I struggled to imagine how a nation could create/imagine such gear and hatred to propel themselves towards war. And then we hear that this too endured for many many years beyond reason on account of the humiliation of accepting defeat. Defies all logic.


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