2014: My year of reading

December 31, 2014

Time to take stock of what I’ve been up to this year. I’m struck that this year has definitely been a year of re-reading, coming back to old favourites – especially Ursula LeGuin – and that I have read relatively few newly-published books. I’ve finished a total of 88 books this year, somewhat down on the last couple of years, and, trying to keep to my intention of acquiring fewer books in total, I’m quite pleased that I’ve managed to add only 37 to my creaking shelves in 2014, the lowest number since 1988! I’ve also been reasonably successful in pruning my shelves of books I no longer want or need.

Weirdest book I read in 2014: The Flame Alphabet, by Ben Marcus

Most disappointing read in 2014: The Ice Trilogy, by Vladimir Sorokin

Best non-fiction book this year: Economics – The User’s Guide, by Ha-Joon Chang

Best new book: Moriarty, by Anthony Horowitz

You can find my thoughts about each of these books by searching this year’s posts.

Resolutions for 2015: I will try to reduce the ‘books waiting to be read’ pile; I will re-read Jane Austen’s novels; I will read more science fiction…

I’m very pleased my blog seems slowly to be acquiring more readers: thank you to everyone who visits. But what more can I do to encourage you to share your thoughts and opinions? I’m also thinking about redesigning how it looks, if I can find a model I like better than the current one.

Happy reading to all my readers in 2015!

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