Susanna Moodie: Roughing it in the Bush

May 19, 2014

Roughing_It_Bush_1301 I recently finished listening to this audiobook which I found on the librivox site; it accompanied me on a drive through France and Belgium to a walking holiday in Luxembourg. I picked it as travel writing, which is was, in a way, although more of a memoir, and it was made particularly enjoyable by an excellent reading from Moira Fogarty. As I’ve mentioned before, the quality of readings offered on the site does vary quite considerably, given that readers are volunteers and they presumably record and upload books that particularly speak to them.

Susanna Moodie and her husband and family emigrated to the wilds of Canada in the 1830s, and this is her tale of their tribulations and difficulties in settling down, establishing their farmstead, getting to know people and generally surviving in those days of very early frontiersmen and women. There’s nothing really exciting in it: the interest comes from the details of daily routines, the difficulties of travel, the interactions with the natives and the locals, recounted by an energetic and independent woman of great determination.

I’m glad this book has been saved from oblivion by someone who cared.

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