HMSO: The Town of Stamford

March 24, 2014

A bit of a niche interest here: though I only really lived there between the ages of five and thirteen, it’s the place I regard as my home town, and I still have family living there, and so return regularly. This is the definitive tome on the town, a bit of a rarity now (published 1977). The town is reckoned by some to be the finest in the land, and here you find the history, the architecture, both ecclesiastical and secular, and copious maps, plans and diagrams, to enable you fully to explore everything. As a curious child, I thought I’d been almost everywhere, but apparently not, and there’s further exploration to be done…

It’s not a book to read cover-to-cover, and I didn’t; it’s to browse deeply, dip into, study parts of, and explore, to fit together the various parts of the mental jigsaw, and to check up details that you’d heard at some time and were never sure of. I found myself wondering at the past of the place where I spent my formative years: fully half the book is photos (black and white, of course) many of long-gone shop fronts and names from the past. So a good evening’s wallowing in nostalgia was had by yours truly.

Stamford is a lovely town, especially on a sunny day when the light shines on the old stone, and the effect of the stone slate roofs adds to the beauty. I like going back. Next time, I shall do some more exploration.


2 Responses to “HMSO: The Town of Stamford”

  1. simon682 Says:

    Have literally just received Alec Clifton Taylor’s Six English Towns through the post this morning. Was contemplating a visit to Stamford when I read this. Fine town.


    • litgaz Says:

      I hope you enjoy your visit; lovely views from the meadows, & all the old churches are worth a look. A couple of good secondhand bookshops, if you’re into such things…


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