Annoying books…

July 8, 2013

I enjoy reading travel writing. And, if someone has gone somewhere out-of-the-way and interesting, a decent map in the book is essential. Surely, not too much to expect? But yes, it seems. In their quest to save money, too many publishers either omit maps entirely, or else provide one so small or rudimentary as to render it useless. Yes, I do have an atlas, a very good one, too, but an atlas will supplement the writer’s account of their journey, and the map they should provide of it.

This post is provoked by Christina Dodwell‘s book Beyond Siberia which I’ve just read. It’s as annoying as the previous one of hers I wrote about earlier, in terms of poor writing and proof-reading, but it was about Kamchatka, where very few people have been, and no doubt, about where even fewer people have written. And we got a scratty page-size, blotchy map with some of the places she mentions on it, apparently at random. Why bother?

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