Christina Dodwell: A Traveller on Horseback

June 8, 2013

Another book about a traveller visiting obscure parts of a region I never cease to enjoy reading about, in this case Eastern Turkey and Iran, and with a specific emphasis on early Christian remains in two states which are now Moslem.  Christina Dodwell travelled in the early 1980s, so not long after the Iranian Revolution.

She met interesting people and saw interesting places, but dwells insufficiently on them: I longed for the detail of a Robert Byron in her descriptions of the building she saw.

I must admit, it took quite an effort to convince myself that it was worth the effort of reading, as the writing, or the editing of the writing, was very poor, with frequent inattention to sentence structure and punctuation, as well as limited vocabulary. I know I sound like a teacher, and that’s what I used to be; I can put up with an occasional error, but several per page, frequently, and I feel someone hasn’t done their job properly: they might squeeze a grade C at GCSE English…

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