time to wake up…

March 21, 2013

I’ve decided to wake this blog up and try and do it properly, rather than in the desultory fashion thus far.  I’m reading lots and thinking about it, too, so can spread my net rather wider than I did in my earlier attempts, too.

Retirement has meant I want to revisit a lot of the books I read ages ago, and there’s time to do that. Equally, I’m coming across books that I know I will never want to read again, and it’s time to clear them out.

I’ve also embraced the idea of an e-reader.  I couldn’t cope with anything with as daft a name as ‘kindle’ and didn’t want to be tied to how amazon does things, so I was glad when the nook became available in the UK. It means I can track down free versions of lots of old travel journals and read them, saving a huge amount of money, too.  However, I’ve discovered that reading e-books isn’t as simple as it looks. Yes, I can put PDF files on the nook, but they often don’t show up if the scans are faint, and if I try & change the font size to make them readable, all sorts of weird things happen. Books in ePUB format are just as strange; yes, changing font size is easy, but every bit of text is in the same font and footnotes end up jumbled in with, and indistinguishable from, the main body of text.

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