China Mieville: Embassytown

March 13, 2012

9780345524508Having enjoyed The City and The City very much indeed, I was partly prepared for the challenge. Mieville isn’t the first to have explored the potential difficulty of communicating with an intelligent alien species but this is a conceptual tour-de-force. What I liked most was the way he deftly combined it with a take on the myth of the Fall, his idea being that an ‘innocent’ (?) species was corrupted by contact with humans, but that this may be a good thing… Made me think about the nature of humanity, and what we have gained from being fallen, in the same way that Pullman’s Northern Lights trilogy did.


One Response to “China Mieville: Embassytown”

  1. […] originality of the plot and the ideas blow you away. I’ve written about another of his novels, Embassytown, here, and he’s definitely on my watch […]


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